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Palestine Mental Health Response
#ActionForPalestine x Ruh Care

Amidst recent traumatic events, we understand the significant impact on mental health, across borders & circumstances. We're offering our support to anyone facing difficulties, regardless of their location. Through our voluntary trauma support & counseling sessions, we provide an environment for healing, empathy, & support. We firmly believe that nobody should endure these struggles alone & we are dedicated to standing with you every step of the way as you journey towards recovery & resilience.

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How We Can Help?

#ActionForPalestine x Ruh Care


Trauma Counseling

Trauma can deeply affect individuals of all ages. Our trauma counseling services offer specialized strategies to help both children and adults cope with stress, navigate challenges, & address past trauma, including PTSD.  We empower individuals to cultivate resilience & navigate life's trials with unwavering strength & fortitude.


Psychological Disorders

Dealing with mental health disorders can be incredibly tough, but you don't have to face these battles alone. We provide the support & strategies you need to help you fight disorders like phobias, panic attacks, depression & anxiety. We'll help you overcome obstacles & embark on a transformative journey.


Empathetic Listening

Empathetic listening lies at the heart of our approach to support. We provide a safe & nurturing space where individuals can freely express themselves without fear of judgment. We strive to truly understand & empathize with each person's experiences, emotions, & struggles. Our goal is to deeply connect with those we serve, offering validation, comfort, & support in their time of need. 


Psychological & Stress Counseling

Embark on a journey toward managing stress with our guidance. We equip you with tools to tackle life's stressors, be it psychological, lifestyle, or situational. Our counseling empowers personal growth, offering support to overcome challenges & foster resilience. Let us help you regain control, & achieve emotional well-being. 

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Breaking Barriers

In the aftermath of recent events, the weight of emotional & mental strain is undeniable. We deeply understand the depth of this struggle & the toll it takes on your well-being. No one should carry this burden alone; it's a collective ordeal we face together. Our hearts ache knowing that each individual battles their own internal demons. It is with this empathy that we remain steadfast in our commitment to provide solace & assistance on the path to healing.


Through our vuluntary counseling & coaching sessions, our goal is to create a space where individuals can unburden their hearts & find the support necessary to navigate through even the darkest of times. Whether you're grappling with anxiety, grief, or simply feeling adrift amidst life's turbulence, know that our doors are open to you. Your struggles are valid, & your pain is recognized. You are not alone on this journey toward restoration; we stand beside you, offering unwavering support every step of the way.

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Why Choose Us?

When you turn to us, you're choosing a team driven by compassion & wholly dedicated to your well-being. With empathy as our guiding principle, we offer personalized counseling & coaching sessions meticulously tailored to your individual needs, providing a safe & judgment-free space as you navigate life's challenges. We delve into the root causes of your struggles & arm you with strategies for enduring resilience. Our complimentary sessions ensure that support is accessible to all, regardless of circumstance. If you're searching for a steadfast companion on your journey towards healing & hope in today's turbulent world, your search ends here—we're here to accompany you every step of the way.

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon.

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